Dr. Peter Vrakatselis

Senior Chiropractor

(03) 9020 2072

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor Dr Vrakatselis was a Myotherapist spending many years defining and refining his palpation skills which he still utilises as a Chiropractor today. Dr Vrakatselis has also received relief from Chiropractic himself. As a teenager and young adult he suffered from mid back pain and asthma. He tried numerous medications and diets with no avail, until one of his family friends suggested seeing a Chiropractor as they had experienced relief from an adjustment. After a handful of adjustments he was experiencing less frequent and less intense asthma and after a few months no longer required his “puffer”. From this experience, Dr Vrakatselis was inspired to become a Chiropractor and has since has applied his trade throughout multiple practices across Melbourne. He is continually developing and furthering his know ledge as a primary health care practitioner in Werribee.

Dr Vrakatselis is a big supporter of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, he has raised over $5000 in funds to continue spinal research to further the Chiropractic profession. He has helped raise funds via numerous spinal screenings and local Werribee community talks and has even made his own annual raffle with all proceeds going directly to the foundation. Dr Vrakatselis is also an avid supporter of multiple community and local sporting teams, having previously been involved with soccer, AFL, netball, basketball and cricket teams. He always seeks to educate the community on Chiropractic to empower people with knowledge about their health so they can make the best decision for themselves. When not working he enjoys spending time with his extended family, especially his nephew, niece and wife Hazel.

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