Our Techniques


Activator is a handheld tool used to adjust joints through a short impulse. Activators can be used on different settings to determine the amount of forced used with an adjustment, based off the presentation of the patient. This technique can be used in conjunction with other techniques on people, especially those with arthritis, acute or chronic pain conditions.


All of our Chiropractors majored in Gonstead whilst attending RMIT University. This technique uses numerous assessments and forms of diagnosis to determine the cause of the patient's condition. In some cases X-rays may be utilised to determine the line of drive and torque required to specifically adjust a patient vertebrae when a joint is fixated. Clarence Gonstead was the founder and developer of the Gonstead Technique. Originally trained as an engineer, Clarence designed a technique based on angles, forces and vectors needed to correct the vertebral misalignment.

Our Technique

Diversified identifies restriction is joint motion and aims to reduce that restriction or fixation through manual adjustments. When looking at a vertebral joint Diversified looks at the transverse process or lateral mass of the vertebrae to identify the motion of fixation. Thrusting in this direction will often result in a cavitation or pop of the joint, leading to increased movement. Diversified is the most commonly used Chiropractic technique worldwide and is a very well accepted by the physiotherapy and osteopathy community.


Pelvic blocking is strongly associated with SOT or the sacro-occipital technique and our practice has the latest state of the art inflatable pelvic blocks designed to ensure maximum comfort whilst stimulating your pelvic girdle. SOT also focuses on the cerebrospinal fluid flow surrounding the spinal cord and brain to allow maximum nutrients and minimal irritation. It is also a low force technique that many people find beneficial if they have previously not received relief from more manual or higher force techniques.